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Diversity and Inclusion

At Straumann Group, we celebrate our differences in who we are, how we think and what we’ve experienced. Our inclusive culture makes each of us feel valued and heard and unites us to create more smiles, everyday.

How we understand diversity at Straumann Group

Our workforce has grown because we make taking care of our employees a priority.
Embracing and celebrating individual differences
Embracing and celebrating individual differences
Recognizing diversity in gender, gender identity, age, nationality, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, cultural backgrounds, cognitive difference, thinking styles
Bringing together a diverse set of perspectives as well as work and life experiences
Diverse people strengthen our company
We believe diverse people bring new ideas and perspectives, leading us to greater learning, creativity and innovation. Having diversity in our company ensures we have a better understanding of our diverse customer and patient populations, nurturing a sustainable high-performance culture, superior business results and profitable outcomes.
Inclusive environment contributes to our success
We believe everyone has a voice and uniqueness that can contribute to our success. This is reflected in our Core Beliefs and our Diversity and Inclusion Promise.
Equal Opportunities For All
Equal opportunities for everyone
We are an equal opportunity employer, that places great value in building an internal team representative of the diverse patients we serve. We believe that diverse people lead to diverse ideas and diverse solutions. We are a constant work in progress and are continually challenging and improving ourselves and the society we live within. We proudly embrace diversity in all of its forms.

What Straumann Group does to encourage and
guarantee diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion initiatives at Straumann Group

Inclusion awareness

We take every opportunity to understand and coach what it means to be truly inclusive and explore how we can all “Choose Inclusion” everyday. This is foundational for our culture.

Attract and retain diverse people

We are mindful of our diversity in every role, team and function. This is actively discussed when we consider recruitment, supported by our internal Talent Management Processes. 

Gender representation in management

We nurture gender equality through our Executive Management Board Mentoring Program and inspire and engage women in implant dentistry through our Women Implantology Network (WIN). 

Celebrate diversity

As an international company, we celebrate the diversity that makes up Straumann Group. No matter which part of the world you are working from, we recognize your cultural uniqueness and heritage.